Gamze Yalçin, Istanbul - 1987

Gamze Yalçın is a Berlin-based artist specializing in painting and drawing. Her work dives into the exploration of space, color research, and landscaping, creating an active dialogue that captures and translates the intricate details of our environment into visual compositions. This artistry isn’t just a matter of putting brush to canvas; it’s a rigorous journey into the harmonics of color, the fluidity of landscapes, and the dimensions of space.
Yalçın’s creative process synthesizes continuous research, keen observation, and thoughtful execution. Her art serves as a testament to the resilience of nature and the ever-changing landscapes that surround us. Each artwork emerges as a unique, compelling representation of the environment, achieved through a carefully considered blend of elements on the canvas.
Her exhibitions focus on a series of works inspired by timeless spaces, seamlessly blending semi-abstract forms with the texture and movement found in natural patterns. Yalçın’s ambition extends to crafting harmonious collections that include not just canvas but also paper works and textiles, each piece resonating with her overarching artistic vision.



Solo & Duo exhibitions


Mommsen35 Private Raum. Solo exhibition - Berlin / Germany


I believe in Spring. Buyukdere35 Gallery. Istanbul / Turkey


I had a dream, Im coming back. Jan Arnold Gallery. Duo with Jurena Muñoz. Vienna / Austria


Overdue. BMurals . Duo exhibition with Roberto Rivadeneira. Barcelona / Spain

Group Exhibitions & art residencies


The Others Art fair. Art Fair - Turin / Italy

No Lugar. Art Residency - Quito / Ecuador

Casa Del Arte. Showcase - Lisbon / Portugal

PADA Studios. Art Residency - Lisbon / Portugal

Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. Museum group exhibition - Saarbrücken / Germany

48h Neukolln. Public art installation - Berlin / Germay

They're not ok. We are not ok - Group Exhibition - Salon am Moritzplatz. Berlin / Germany


Q21 - Art Residency. Vienna / Austria

Urbanscapes - Akaretler. Group Exhibition. Istanbul / Turkey

Grotta AIR - Art Residency. Andalusia / Spain

Art Creates Water - Group Exhibition. Millerntor Gallery. Hamburg / Germany

No Point Atelier - Art Residency. Gabrovo / Bulgaria

Calle Libre - Public art project. Vienna / Austria

NUMU arts festival - Public art project. Ambato / Ecuador


MISA Messe in Saint Agnes - König Gallery. Berlin / Germany

Where are we now - HVW8 Gallery. Berlin / Germany

Antalya kültür sanat - Public art installation. Antalya / Turkey

Niko Movement - Public art mural. Batumi / Georgia

1Wall Exhibition - Buyukdere35 Gallery - Istanbul / Turkey


Quellen Gallery. Group Exhibition. Stuttgart / Germany

Maslak42. Group Exhibition. Concept Gallery. Istanbul / Turkey

Lost on the highway. Group Exhibition. Soho House. Istanbul / Turkey


10 x 10 Istanbul. Concept Gallery. Group Exhibition. Istanbul / Turkey

Metadada. Installation. Berlin / Germany